Hi everyone, Just an important announcement.

I will cancel the upcoming presale as of now for some important reasons. We will just gonna do the best thing first before proceeding to presale.

1. Update the website features

2. Change the marketing plan

3. (Add more importance of the project)

4. Under radar (Need more shillers)

We will temporarily Disable the chat as of now

Hopw you’ll have a good day and wish you merry well🙂

Just be prepared for our comeback




Website is now live: https://mcfries.finance/

We’re still working on upgrading to web 3.0 so that we can use Dapps

MCF is the first governance token of McFries Project. It has a total supply of 100M tokens. $MCF as Bep20 token runs on Binance Smart Chain.

Good news!

Dapps is coming!

Presale will start soon! Date will be announce!

This initiative taken in order to focus and act upon the release of our first working product. Couple with some major upgrade and redevelopment of the official website.